Thursday, February 27, 2014

On the Right Path

After receiving the donation of our property, we made the decision to change the name of our children's home to better match the vision of Serving Paraguay.  Previously named Hogar GANAR, our children's home is now officially named Hogar El Camino.  This name means "The Path" Children's Home.  Our goal is that every child living in our children's home would be placed on the right path, and able to follow God's leading for their future!  Our precious 31 children living in Hogar El Camino continue to grow in their relationships with Christ and others.  They are a blessing to our family and to all of our staff.

We want to take a moment to again thank the Lord for his provision of a brand new tractor that we are able to use to maintain our property and to expand our farming and garden projects.  We have been praying for this tractor for many years and are thankful to God for providing through a local church offering just before Christmas!  Thank you, 3Trees Church in Russell Springs, Kentucky for giving sacrificially so that our property can be maintained and our children better cared for!

This month, we have begun a new school year.  In our inaugural year in 2011, we had 89 students attending our school.  This year, we have 260 students enrolled in pre-school through 11th grade!  All of our elementary school classes are completely full!  With a fresh coat of paint in our classrooms and many new desks and tables, all of our students are beginning a year of learning and growth!  Please keep our school in your prayers, especially praying for our school principals and teachers, as well as our students and their families.  We know that through our students lives, the community of Valle Kare, the city of Itaugua, and the nation of Paraguay will be transformed for the glory of God!

The exponential growth in our school has caused one small problem.  Our facilities now can no longer hold all of our students.  We ask that you would join with us to pray for the miraculous provision of funds to build more classrooms for the coming years!  We have learned that NOTHING is impossible with God!

If you would like to sponsor one child's education at the New Path Christian School, please see the flyer at this link.  You can partner with us to place children on a New Path!