Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Visit from Lee University.

In December, we were blessed to have a visit from a team of Lee University students. It was wonderful to have our friend William Lamb (Director of Service Learning at Lee) and his son on the team, as well as seven other students from Lee University.

The team at the airport just after arrival in Asuncion.

They came bearing so many gifts both for us and for the children's home that the day we unpacked the bags felt like an early Christmas. They brought with them a weed eater, chain saw, and hedge trimmer, for which Shaun and Roberto Carlos (who takes care of a lot of the grounds' maintenance) were thrilled. Yes, they checked all of those items onto the plane! They also brought with them a new pair of tennis shoes and Reebok bookbags for every child in the home! The kids have never owned bookbags or tennis shoes of this quality and they were thrilled to receive them.

In addition to the gifts that they brought, the group spent each of their nine days in Paraguay working hard to serve our facilities, completing an incredible amount of projects: tree trimming, cutting grass, cleaning and organizing our industrial kitchen, painting the playground equipment, cleaning our primary school building and yard, organizing our computer lab and classroom space in the administrative building, painting two houses, hosting a community event at the school, walking throughout the community to pass out family photos, preforming a drama in the children's church service, painting every girl in the home's nails, and hosting a Christmas Bar-B-Que for the kids. One of their days was also spent painting the playground of a Church of God school in the capital and visiting the homes of the students from the school that live in an impoverished community surrounding a landfill.

Thank you to every team member. Each of you blessed us in a unique way and worked hard during your time here. You are all welcome in Paraguay at any time!

Lysandry, Nilda, and Lujan enjoying Twister- one of the special gifts from the team!

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Megan LeeAnn said...

I love reading your posts! I miss paraguay. I hope you all are doing well. I am praying for you all daily. :)

Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

Okay, I just LOVE the new look on the blog. The cows MAKE IT! Shaun, you are a genius, as if there was a doubt!!!!