Monday, August 29, 2011

A beautiful Sunday morning

This past Sunday morning was a very special day for us. Two of the boys from House 3 (Kevin and Amado) were baptized. They have been attending church some Sundays with their house parents, Arnaldo and Ramona, and they heard the announcement about baptism. They expressed interest in being baptized and completed a preparatory class last week.

Kevin is 12 years old and was very bitter towards God for a long time. He had no interest in the Bible, in his house's devotionals, or in giving his life to the Lord. Since the arrival of his new house parents a few months ago, his life has undergone an amazing transformation and everyone is noticing his new attitude. He has not only taken interest in Bible studies, but has begun to teach some of the house's devotionals with his house siblings. We are so proud of Kevin for his decision to be baptized and we thank the Lord for the work that He is doing in Kevin's heart.

Kevin being introduced to the church

Amado is also 12 years old. He is our little philosopher and has loved to read and study the Bible for a long time. He is one of our best-behaved children in the home and really does have a desire to serve the Lord. He was extremely nervous before going up for his baptism, and we were so proud that despite his nerves, he was baptized and even spoke into the microphone beforehand!

Amado overcoming his nerves to speak before his baptism

The boys were announced as Arnaldo and Ramona's children, and it was precious to see the way that the house parents really do feel that God has given them the 10 children in the house to love and disciple. I couldn't stop the tears of joy that I shed when watching these two young men publicly display their commitment to the Lord. We know that the Lord has great plans for their future, and we can't wait to see all that the Lord will do in them as they continue to grow and mature. Thank you for your prayers for these children! Each of you that prays and supports our ministry plays a part in every victory in our children's lives. Blessings to you!

Ramona, Ricardo (the house parent's biological son), Kevin, Arnaldo, and Amado

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