Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two Pairs of Socks?

Being shocked by my own materialism and greed is a fairly common feeling for me while serving on the mission field.  Earlier this evening I was meeting with the house parents of the children's home.  We were discussing the needs of each of the children.  School has just begun so we were reviewing things like bookbags and paper.  Eventually we got to the topic of clothing and shoes for the kids.  I was asking about socks.  Mario (the house "tio"- meaning uncle) told me that each child has one pair of socks and that it was very difficult to wash the socks each night and get them dry for the next day.  I asked how many pairs he would like for each child to have.  He responded, "two pairs."  In my mind, I was thinking maybe two or three additional pairs, because children often ruin things like socks.  After his response, I felt ashamed of the dozen pair of socks I brought with me from the states and even more ashamed of the two dozen pairs I left in a bag in the states.  

Throughout conversations with friends we have made and the children in the home, I have felt an overwhelming appreciation for the way that I grew up.  While this lesson may be one I have learned a thousand times already, tonight it is especially affecting me.  I hope that we can each learn to live with appreciation for all that the Lord has given us and to live in such a way to give as much as we can to help those who have less than ourselves.  

Continue to keep the children in the home in your prayers.  I have a few specific prayer requests: 

1. For Miguel Amado- he is missing his parents as he has only been in the children's home a few weeks.  While his home circumstances were awful, that does not keep him from missing the only family he has known.  

2. For Cristina- she is having some problems with coughing and asthma-related illness.  

3. For Najeyli- she has several parasite and skin problems stemming from her life before arriving in the home.  

4. For the beginning of school- pray that each of the children would have a good school year this coming year.

May the Lord bless you and your home with His peace, 

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Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

So true. I am humbled and embarrassed by my selfishness and materialism every day. God forgive me. So many things that seemed important just seem silly here in the "real world," I keep finding out. :)