Monday, March 2, 2009

Updates and Our New Security System.

There is a lot to tell.  The last week has been very busy.  After learning about the children's socks, we had planned to do something about the sock situation.  Thanks to a donation from a friend, we bought all of the kids TWO new pair of socks (making three total)!  The house parents were shocked at this blessing.  The donation also provided a new pair of nice tennis shoes for each of the kids and belts for the boys.  They can now walk to school without having to hold up their pants with one hand.  It felt like Christmas when we delivered the gifts to the kids.  They were so appreciative.  Mario (house dad) told me, "Thank you for buying these kids their first-ever pair of 'nice' tennis shoes." 

Last Friday, we had a dedication here for a bakery.  Equipment was donated from the Rotary Club of Asuncion to create a state of the art bakery.  The older children in the home and community will be trained in the art of bread-making and the proceeds from the bread will help to support the bakery classes and the children's home.  And of course, the children's home will be provided with fresh, delicious bread.  The story was covered by a Paraguayan newspaper, and Shaun and I were mentioned as the home directors.  Even after writing our names myself for the reporter, Shaun's name was spelled Sahun.  That made the article even more entertaining to read.

Inauguration of the Panaderia (Bakery)

Today I spoke with the director of the community school where the children from the home attend.  He confirmed that I (Sara) would be teaching English to all seven of the grades.  I will only be doing classes one day a week to begin.  Tomorrow I go to meet the students and to be introduced.  Next Tuesday, classes will begin.  Please pray for me.  I have not done much formal in-school instruction.  Also I will be teaching in Spanish.  Pray that the Lord would guide me and help me to be creative in my approach. 

Finally, we made an exciting purchase today.  I had been trying to talk Shaun into purchasing a dog.  We live in a great area for a dog and many Paraguayans keep dogs just to discourage petty theft from their homes.  Also, Abi loves animals and I knew she would like a pet.  Two days ago Shaun told me he was considering getting her one for her birthday.  We ended up in the capital today, so we stopped by some pet stores.  When we met a little female, two-month old boxer, we decided we would get a dog today.  Abi is thrilled.  We have named her Simba (thanks Ken Hagerman for the suggestion) after a popular guarana soda here in Paraguay.  

Doesn't she look like a ferocious gaurd dog?

Thank you for your prayers.  We feel so blessed every day to be living here in Paraguay, working with the children in the home, and seeking to do the will of our heavenly Father.  

Shaun, Sara, and Abi


abigail said...

1. At least Sahun is better than Chon. Or maybe not.
2. You'll be a great English maestra.
3. Don't you mean Simba after the great Disney classic the Lion King?
4. Love you and miss you!

Betty said...

It´s good to hear you are being blessed. And I´m sure the work you are doing will bless others!
The puppy is adorable, as well as the smile on your daughters face!

Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

Those kids were so proud of their new shoes!! YAY, God! And I imagine that you will now be well-protected by your ferocious new guard dog, Conqueror of errant small toys and Roamer of the sleeping house. Sleep is overrated. Enjoy the puppy days. :)

Julie said...

Awesome! You'll have to show pics of the kids in their socks...if they're white they won't stay that way for long!!!

Great news about the dog. I've had to do some major convincing of Norb for us to give our son a dog on his birthday (after our home assignment), but we're excited. It's a really good thing for kids to have pets, not to mention the security!! Although, Simba doesn't look too intimidating yet :)

H. L. Burkholder said...

Sara, how encouraging and exciting to read! I must say I am also humbled by the socks report, and envious of the humanity of your work. I teach the wealthy, and they do not often show much humanity.