Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big harvest: Need more workers

The past week has gone by very fast.  The family of six siblings that we thought would be moving into our newly opened house was never able to get the appropriate legal paperwork to come.  However, there are always children that need a place to live.  Last Thursday, two girls arrived.  

Talia is 11.  

Her neice Gloria is 9.  

They are excited to be here and started to school this week.  This morning we met with a mother who wanted her 12-year old son to be able to come and live here.  Because he is older than the normal age that we accept (unless the child is part of a sibling group), we spoke extensively with him and his mother to assure that he wanted to come and was willing to attend school.  We plan for him to move in on Thursday, if nothing changes.  

This past Sunday, I taught the children on prayer.  The lesson went well.  I will be focusing on prayer for a few weeks using the model of the Lord's prayer.  Keep these services in your prayers.  The children have so little knowledge of the Lord that each week the material is completely new for each of them.  That makes it exciting for me as a teacher, but is also slightly intimidating, because I want to be sure and teach what the Lord would have me teach and to share the lessons with correct Spanish so that the children will understand completely the portions of scripture that they are learning.

We would love to have someone help us with the music during the services (as my a capella singing in a second language is not overly pleasant).  We have also been praying about and discussing the need for a Christian psychologist to volunteer to work each week with the children, as well as a medical doctor.  Our facilities here are amazing, but lack much upkeep.  A person to do grounds and simple building maintenance on a full-time basis would be a godsend.  All of these needs are floating around daily in our heads.  Please pray that the Lord would provide for each of these needs with the right worker.  Also continue to pray that God would ordain the children that fill the remaining spaces in Ramon and Hida's house.

Much love to all, 


Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

Beautiful new children. I'm praying to the Lord of the harvest that He sends forth laborers out there. I'm sure there's a grass-cutting security guard right under your noses somewhere...... Glad the house is filling up!

Julie said...

Praying for you that God will meed your needs and that people would respond to God's call on their hearts!