Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Lord Provides.

 We received a donation to cover the paint cost for the children's home and Shaun has since been working feverishly to paint the home before tomorrow's arrival of the new house parents.  Thanks to our friends who donated for this project!  The children should arrive some time next week (their arrival date was slowed due to the Holy Week celebrations here in Paraguay).  The children from House 1 have been so helpful in preparing and cleaning the house where their new neighbors will be living.  I am amazed at what hard workers the children here are.  They are constantly coming up to me and asking what they can help with (without any prompting from adults).  

As a reward for the four that worked the hardest yesterday, we had them over to our house after dinner to play the Nintendo Wii.  For every one of them, it was their first time to play any Nintendo.  Needless to say, they had a blast.  I will attempt to post a video so that you can all share in the fun.  Please ignore Abi when she slaps the camera lens and Junior picking his nose!  :)  In all fairness, the kids thought I was taking a picture.  They didn't know I had the video camera turned on.


This Easter Sunday we will begin having church here on the grounds for the kids.  Transporting them to a nearby church is about to become impossible with the arrival of the new children.  We are excited, however, to begin a church for them here.  We ask that you would be in prayer for Shaun and I as we prepare to share on this important holiday.  In the Catholic church in Latin and South America, Jesus is often portrayed as dead on the cross, but rarely shown alive and well.  The message of Easter is one that will be so important in these children's understanding of who Christ is.  The celebration and activities here in Paraguay center on the Friday of crucifixion.  We would like to make Sunday, however, a day that these children will remember as the day of the resurrection of our Lord.  Please continue to keep the new house parents and children that will arrive in your prayers.

God Bless!  Have a wonderful Easter weekend!



Brenda said...

God Bless you as you minister during Semana Santa, it can be such a heavy spiritual time yet full of opportunities to preach the living Christ. God Bless you in what you do.

Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

This is a great video! They are natural race-car drivers, it seems! I love the nose-picking. Can't wait to hear about the Sunday service.

Julie said...

Praying for you all tomorrow. He is RISEN!!!