Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bible Memory and Mother's Day.

The past two weeks have been busy.  Two Sundays ago, we had a special church service with scripture recitation.  The children had to recite the scriptures that they had learned over the previous four weeks.  Nearly all of them recited John 3:16 and the Lord's Prayer.  As a reward, any child that tried to say the scriptures was able to go out to town for ice cream.  This was a very exciting event for the kids and we had a wonderful time.  After laying out the basic gopel message in our first church service, we have since been focusing on prayer.  We began taking prayer requests last Sunday, and we are hoping the children will learn to take all circumstances that are worrying them to the Lord in prayer.  

Friday before last was Mother's Day here in Paraguay.  I attended an event at the school on Thursday to celebrate Mother's Day and Paraguayan Independence Day.  The students put together a program that included singing, dancing, and poem recitation.  At the close of the event, the children gave handmade gifts to their mothers (or in our children's case, their house moms).  I was so happy to receive Carlos' potted flower.  He told me that he wanted me to have it.  It was a very good day.  That night, the children signed a banner for their house moms and we suprised them with gifts.  While many of the children in our home still have biological parents that visit periodically, it seemed so natural for them to show their appreciation to their "tias."  I think the kids had even more fun making the gifts and giving them than the house moms did getting them (although they were pretty excited, too).

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