Friday, May 1, 2009

Workers and new children arriving!

I would like to say thank you to the Lord for his faithful provision.  I posted a blog a little over a week ago asking for more workers.  God has already responded.  We contacted a local Christian psychologist and pastor who is now volunteering at the children's home.  He happens to live next door to a couple who are doctors.  They are coming out on Sunday for their first visit to the children's home and have committed to come out as often as the kids have need. The drama group from this pastor's church are coming out on Sunday afternoon for a special presentation for the kids in the home and any neighbors that respond to our invitations.  These new volunteers live only a few blocks from the children's home.  On Monday, our friend Milciades, is going to start working in property maintenance and as the night-time guard.  We are so excited that more of the children's needs will be met.  Thank you, Lord!

This past Monday our new Miguel arrived.  He is excited to be here and is already fitting in very well.  He will soon be 13 and will be enrolling in the fifth grade.  He is pretty quiet for now, but I am sure that as he becomes more comfortable here, he will have much more to say!

Tomorrow, we will be picking up the five new siblings coming to live in house 3.  I will be sure to post their pictures as well so that you can meet them.  

We are so appreciative of the overwhelming support we receive from our friends and family.  Thanks for your prayers.  The Lord is working in Paraguay and we are thrilled to be a part of what He is doing.

Shaun and Sara