Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sleepover and Camp Out.

We are preparing the children to return to school at the end of this month. The school year here runs from late February to mid November. In anticipation of the end of summer vacations, we decided to have a big party for the kids. For the girls, we did a traditional slumber party, complete with painting nails, bar-b-que chicken sandwiches (the first time any of the girls or house parents had tried that- and they loved them), popcorn, and brownies (the highlight of the evening). We watched princess movies and then tried to go to sleep. Of course, the girls were so excited to be sleeping in Tia Sara's house that sleep was a little long in coming.

For Shaun, the evening with the "hombres" was quite different. They ate various meats grilled out, popcorn, and roasted marshmallows over the camp fire (the boys were dancing with joy to be able to eat marshmallows- something that is only available if brought from the U.S.). The plan for them was to sleep in tents, but as the time for them to turn in arrived, Shaun had a little difficulty convincing them to sleep. Finally about an hour before they were supposed to be up and back in their houses, they fell asleep laying on the basketball court. For both Shaun and I, it was a night to remember!

Just woken up! I told them they should go to bed sooner! :)

In January, both Kevin and his little sister Lujan celebrated their birthdays. They both live in House three with their siblings. Kevin turned 11 and will be entering the forth grade this year. He aspires to be a firefighter one day. He suffers from severe asthma, but we are trusting the Lord to heal him. He is very competitive and has both a quick mind and temper. It is hard not to love Kevin with his precious smile. In school, he is an exemplary student and makes very good grades.

Lujan turned 7 and will be in either first or second grade this coming year (she has to take a placement exam). She is an absolutely beautiful little girl, not just on the outside. She is very affectionate and kind, always the first child to give me a hug and tell me in English, "I love you, tia." Lujan, like her brother is very smart and a quick learner. She still has some trouble sitting still in school, but we know that this year she is going to do much better.

Kevin and Lujan (on right) with their cakes. Their little sister Mili hopped in the photo, too.

We are preparing to send out a mailing. If you would like to receive a photo of the children in the home and more information about our ministries here, please email your mailing address to

The Lord is faithful! The older Lujan in the home helped us remember that when she drew the following the other day on the basketball court:

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