Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bedrest and No Internet = No Blogging

Hello to everyone. I apologize that we have been so long without an update. We are between internet providers, desperately seeking some company with reliable coverage in our somewhat rural area. Also, as many of you may know, I have been ordered to stay strictly on bedrest after having some serious contractions at 30 weeks in the pregnancy. I have been on medication and bedrest since last Wednesday, but am still having some contractions. Please keep me and little William Samuel in your prayers.

Things at the children's home are going very well. During the month of February, we added a very important member to our staff. Joabson Dos Santos is a missionary pastor and nurse who was born in Brazil. He has been in Paraguay nearly 20 years and is married to a lovely Paraguayan lady, Maria Lina, also a nurse. They have been involved in church planting and directing Christian schools in other areas of Paraguay, and through a radio announcement about the pastor position at the home, the Lord has brought them here to work with us. They have four lovely children and have settled in very well, fitting perfectly with our staff. In addition to teaching in our Sunday service, Joabson and Lina have also begun a Friday assembly at the school on the property to teach Biblical values, weekly devotionals with the house parents, and a weekly prayer meeting with support staff. We are so excited about the role they are playing here in the home and we thank the Lord for bringing them our way.

Less than two weeks ago, some more key workers arrived from the United States. Our college friends, Joe and Jayne Martinez have arrived to work as full-time missionaries in the home. Jayne is a teacher and is spending these first days and weeks learning Spanish so that she will be able to teach the children in the home in the future. Joe has a masters in counseling from Lee University and has already begun counseling with each child in the home. The Lord knew that our children needed this service, and we are so glad that Joe and Jayne have responded to His call to sell everything and come to serve the children of Hogar Ganar in Paraguay. Keep them in your prayers as they continue to settle in and learn the Paraguayan lingo.

Heather, our six-month intern, has continued her English classes in the home and with the start of the school year, is also teaching all 8 grades in the school as well. She is doing an incredible job, not only helping teach English, but also helping Shaun and I around the house. We thank the Lord that she could be here with us at this time.

Pictures will have to wait, as I am using someone else's computer. Blessings to each of you!


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