Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In other school news...

As many of you know we have recently started the school year here in Paraguay. We are excited about the opening of our private Christian school (Colegio Cristiano de Itaugua) that aims to become a tremendous blessing to the precious children in our community, as well as the children living in our children's home (Hogar GANAR). To give a little context to the educational situation, here is a link to an interesting story that appeared in yesterday's paper about the poor state of many of the public schools in the AsunciĆ³n. (Note- English speakers may want to use google translate.)

PHOTO: Just days away from starting classes, many schools look as if they are abandoned.

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Norberto and Julie said...

Yeah, that article definitely caught my attention on the front page. We're so happy that this dream is becoming a reality for you guys. Hugs and blessings!!!