Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paraguay Celebrates 200 Years of Independence!

This week has been filled with celebrations of the Bicentennial of the nation of Paraguay (May 15th is Paraguayan independence day). It has been wonderful watching the cultural celebrations unfold. Monday, our school children put together a giant event to celebrate their nation's 200th year of independence. All the children intensely studied the history of Paraguay and each grade adopted a different region to learn about and then display to the community. We had a special program, as well, complete with participation in dance or speeches by every grade, from pre-school to 8th grade. All the parents and teachers worked together to prepare the school for the event. Their efforts were very successful and the students did an AMAZING job!!

Today, our school marched in the Itaugua bicentennial parade. Several of our students dressed up in Paraguayan dance attire and proudly represented our school. We were presented to the town officials. It was a proud moment for all the teachers and students! Nilda and Carlos, from our children's home, carried the school's banner and led us in the march. Enjoy the photos!

In typical Paraguayan dance outfits

Pre-school and 1st grade students' performance

Carlos in his grade's booth

Aren't they adorable?!!

In costume

Pre-schoolers in their "broom dance"

The children from our children's homes preparing to march in the parade

Our school in the Itaugua parade


Kim said...

That is very exciting! Looks like fun times!

Vladimir said...

Thanks for your work. I did use one picture to illustrate dance with broom in el juego de la escoba para cumpleaƱos as well as I add your credit.
God bless you.