Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Children's Home is Growing!

We have been busy this past week.  Last Thursday there was a PTA meeting at the school.  I attended the meeting on behalf of the kids and so that I could meet some of the parents.  I sat in the very back of the room hoping to hide, as I didn't want to participate in the meeting.  However, when it came time to vote on the PTA president for this school year, the director of schools called me out, asking me to take the position.  It was quite entertaining as I only understand about 75% of what is even said in the meeting since they occasionally switch into Guarani.  Not to mention that I have NO idea how a PTA in Paraguay functions.  So, I gracefully declined the position.  

We have enjoyed going into the community and meeting people.  Whenever we stop in hardware stores, ice cream parlors, restaurants, craft stores, seamstress' home, the hair salon, the grocery, we always like to introduce ourselves and explain what we are doing in Itaugua.   I have been amazed at how many people we have met already that would like to participate in what we are doing.  The seamstress that made our couch cushion covers and her husband (a mechanic) have already come to the children's home twice to volunteer and work with the kids.  They attend a Church of God church and may also be bringing their church at some point in the future to do programs for the kids.  The other day we met a lawyer who owns a tourist store.  He was very interested in getting us connected with the right government officials to receive assistance for the children's homes.  It always amazes me how God ordains our steps down to the last detail and how faithful he is to provide for all of our needs.

Finally, we are excited to announce that we had an interview with potential house parents yesterday and have hired them and asked that they arrive April 10th.  The children living in their home will arrive on the 12th of April.  We already have a group of six siblings confirmed that will be coming to live in the house ranging in ages from two to twelve.  The new house parents, Ramon and Hida have four children of their own who are grown with families.  They are members of an Assembly of God church and are dynamic Christians who are excited about working with the children.  They worked in the previous program in our facility for four years, serving as house parents to street children.  Please be in prayer for this couple and the new children that will be arriving.  We can't wait to expand.