Sunday, March 22, 2009


There are some days when I am simply overwhelmed with thanksgiving for what the Lord has given my family.  Today has been one of those days.  While I miss Guatemala- the breathtaking mountain views, the people and culture, and especially the children that we grew to love, I am so happy to be in Paraguay.  Last year we lived an hour from the closest large, air-conditioned grocery store.  Tonight when standing in Stock, a giant, clean, air-conditioned supermarket only five minutes from our house, I thanked the Lord for that store.  It is strange that something as simple as a grocery store or having an automatic car that I can drive would make such an impact on me, but there are so many things that Lord provides for those that love Him that we often overlook.  I have the feeling of thankfulness when I sit with the kids from the children home.  This past week, two of the kids had birthday parties.  We gave them each a new outfit and a pencil pouch (marvel comic heroes for the boy and daffy and minnie mouse for the girl) and they, too, were filled with gratitude.  In life, let us not overlook the little blessings that the Lord gives us.  Sometimes when we consider our problems and the things that we want to have but don't, we become discouraged, even greedy and unthankful.  Today, I want to give the Lord thanks for all the things he has provided for me, no matter how small.  

This week we will update with pictures of the birthday parties and let you get to know the two children who have had birthdays.


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