Monday, March 23, 2009

Meet Ever and Rocio.

This past week, two of the children in the children's home have celebrated their birthdays.  When the children have their birthdays, I am going to take some time out to introduce them to each of you.

First, Ever had his birthday and turned 9 years old.  Ever is the brother of Nilda, Carlos, Rocio, and Cristina.  Their mother still visits them and was able to come on his birthday and bring a cake.  I didn't know she was bringing two cakes, and I made one as well.  He was one happy boy to have three birthday cakes.  Ever is a precious young man with a very positive attitude.  He LOVES learning English and is by far my best student in first or second grade.  He picks up on English very quickly is simply very intelligent.  While he is a very active student, he is one of the more laid-back children in the home, content to play alone and stay out of the other kids' arguments. 

Ever with the cake I made him 
(I'm still trying to figure out making icing with Paraguayan ingredients.)

Second, Ever's sister Rocio just turned 7 today.  Yesterday, her mom was able to visit again and brought her a cake.  Since today was her actual birthday, I made a second cake and her mom left money for sodas (a special treat) for lunchtime.  Rocio is a beautiful and intelligent little girl as well, but don't be fooled by her ultra-sweet smile.  She is quite a little bossy leader.  She is sure to tell any of the other kids, even the older ones when they are doing something wrong.  After chewing them out, she will turn to me with that precious smile that seems to say, "I have everything under control, tia."   Abi loves to repeat what Rocio says since she is just so commanding.   

Abi with Rocio who is wearing her new birthday shirt

Family: Rocio, Nilda, Carlos, Cristina, their Mom, and Ever

When we were first in Paraguay, I posted all the kids pictures with their names.  Please continue to pray for each of the kids living here at the home by name.  While they are very well-adjusted children considering their backgrounds, each of them still needs the Lord to work in their hearts and with their emotions.  Pray that they would all feel loved, not only by those of us working here, but also by their heavenly father.  Pray also that Shaun and I and the house parents Mario and Suni would be consistent in sharing our faith with these little ones.


Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

They are so blessed to have you there. Already you've made a big impact on many areas of their everyday life. :)

Snappy Snippets said...

Sara, it's Katie Peek! I added you on here (noticed your site on facebook). It is so awesome to read about your experiences as missionaries and your work for God.